WE Champion
our people

We believe that fighting for the future extends to taking care of people in direct ways. Throughout our business model we fight inequality, uphold education, and strengthen communities.

4,106 employees are employed by Denim Privé; 637 new team members were hired over the course of 2021; 100% of employees are located in Pakistan, with the exception of a few sales agents and designers.

We provide benefits such as free transport, social security, pension payments and subsidised food at our cafeteria to full-time permanent Denim Privé employees.

WE Champion

Denim Privé provides funding for free medical clinics and schools throughout the city of Karachi for our employees, their families, and residents. Employees are supported with health benefits such as free Covid vaccinations.

In 2020, Denim Privé collaborated with The Indus Hospital and conducted a blood donation drive to help support our community medical centres.

100% of our employees have received coronavirus vaccinations. 1,580 were vaccinated through our in-house campaign. 100% of Denim Privé employees have access to our in-house Health Centre, where experienced doctors and paramedical staff are available to treat our employees. Denim Privé supports 44 ZMT Clinics for providing medical care to local communities.

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We sponsor education through high school, and the most gifted students complete university through our education program.

Our Lifelong Learning Initiative is a program specifically designed for our female garment workers who have not had the opportunity to pursue education. The program teaches fundamental skills that will help them advance in their careers and personal lives, specifically focusing on literacy, mathematics, and language (English and Urdu).

Lifelong Learning kicked off in October and engaged 20 participants through 90-minute classes, 5 days per week. 20 participants in the Lifelong Learning Initiative ; 5 days per week; 90 minute classes

we Champion
gender equality

Denim Privé is committed to equal pay between women and men in similar roles. Denim Privé also fully supports our employees' right to collective bargaining.

There are currently three labour unions representing a total of 120 Kassim employees.

132 female employees were added to the team in 2021;

29% of total new hires of total turnovers were female in 2021. As of 2021, female managers/supervisors' compensation was 90% of what their male counterparts earned, and female labourers earned 100% compared to their male counterparts.