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Denim Privé is more than just a sustainable denim manufacturer. We are a team of creatives, craftsmen, visionaries, and innovators who value diversity, creative expression, and teamwork.

Established in 2018, Denim Privé is a vertically integrated unit of Kassim Group. Kassim Group is a part of several industries with a rich denim tradition spanning over thirty years.

We have an insatiable desire to constantly find innovative ways to give back to Mother Nature. Her continuous evolution inspires us to craft our denim with a conscious mind and a helping hand.

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01/ Our Story

the Privé way

At Denim Privé, we are driven by a desire to create, innovate and impact. We take pride in working hard to consciously craft fabrics and apparel using responsible practices. Our focus is on future-minded, climate-conscious denim production solutions designed to inspire and initiate change.

We enact mindful denim solutions by utilising climate-conscious practices to foster a more habitable planet.

We place a high value on our environmental and social resources, strengthening the fabric of our society through an innovative business model dedicated to positive impact.

Our vision extends far beyond our time, as we strive to be the impetus of innovation for generations to come. We work to fulfil our vision of being industry leaders in providing thoughtful and innovative solutions to denim production while also creating positive change within age-old systems.

We aim to lead the way as one of the world's most responsible and efficient apparel manufacturers.

At Denim Privé, we work with a collaborative mindset to create the best product for our denim heads. We constantly innovate and evolve our practices to maintain an edge against our industry peers to offer the most advanced eco-solutions.

We are always searching for bold creatives who dare to craft with a conscience to join our cause.


Yearly sustainability Report

While sustainability reporting is currently on a voluntary basis, we view it as our basic responsibility. We have done our best to standardise how we report so that we don’t leave anything out. Denim Privé’s report was developed per GRI Standards, aligns with SASB standards and metrics, and links to several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our goal is to monitor our progress, make informed decisions for improvement, maintain clear and transparent communication with the industry, and provide data that facilitates easy industry-wide comparisons. Check out our 2022 report to see what we’ve been up to (in all its glorious detail).

Impact Report: 2023




OUR  certifications

We encourage our suppliers and partners to participate in numerous external ESG initiatives such as collaborative industry initiatives/coalitions, third-party sustainability certifications, and charitable foundations and trusts.

Below are our industry initiatives and certifications, as well as our membership associations and collaboration partners.

04 /2027 TARGETS

2027  targets

As we strive to create the world's most sustainable denim and apparel, Denim Privé is dedicated to achieving full carbon neutrality by 2030. By 2027, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint during production by 50% compared to our 2018 baseline.

This journey involves on-site renewable solar energy, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable design at the Privé Campus.