hero products

We are committed to improving denim in every aspect. This means creating eco-friendly fashion, using advanced technology, and ensuring transparency in our supply chains from material sourcing.

Our commitment to improving something as essential and timeless as denim drives us to create ecologically unique fashion products, employ advanced technology in our processes, and pursue supply chain transparency.

HERO products

100% Sustainable Garment

This garment is completely sustainable, besides the fact that it exists versus not existing. The cotton thread is biodegradable and is made of 100% Cotton Ecru. It has only been dip washed and has removable main and fly buttons. There was no dying process.


Our new concept of reversible jeans encourages the utilisation of space and comfort. Minimalism is the goal and they are suited for travel. This reversible garment has functional pockets on both sides of the jeans. The ticket pocket on the front is usable. The zip is attached in a way that makes it easy to fasten no matter which side you’re using.

Dark Lyte

We have collaborated with the Berlin-based fashion house LUZPAC to develop DarkLyte, jeans that charge your mobile phone with solar power.

Connected Denim

Together with Bainisha, we developed the world’s first Connected Denim. Connected Denim is equipped with sensors that track movement, position, body temperature, and humidity.